Who We Are

We are Alysia and Jayson.

We met nearly fifteen years ago with instant connection.  Best friends, then lovers.  Alysia attracted to Jayson’s inquisitive nature, soft blue eyes and comedy routines.  Jayson drawn to Alysia’s gracefulness, quiet strength and femininity.  After becoming engaged spontaneously over a cup of coffee, we packed a dress and tux and flew to Wynn Las Vegas to be married in a whirlwind.  That was ten years and two beautiful babies ago.  What a journey it has been.

We are lovers of coffee, pizza, podcasts and Jesus.  Oh, and we fell in love to the music of Ray Lamontagne.  We appreciate things that are handcrafted, well-designed and set apart.

We love to dream, seek and create.  This is why we adore the art of photography.  We believe we have something special together. something amazing to offer.

That’s our story.  We would love to meet you and hear yours.

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